Economics 113
U.S. Economic History

University of California, Berkeley
Spring 2013

Professor Martha Olney
Olney office hours (691 Evans): 

No laptops allowed in class
because their use generates negative externalities.
You may use a tablet or a convertible laptop laid flat.

Information about the final
(including essay question)
Lecture Outlines
(pdf files posted by 10 p.m. the night before class
Tuesday's outline will often include part of Thursday's class)

(pdf files, one per week, posted by 10 p.m. Monday night)
About the Exams

Old Exams

Regrade policy
About Geography

Print out several copies of this file & bring them to class:
The USA Map (doc file)
The USA Map (pdf file)

About Section
Section times, location, GSI
Includes GSI email address
and GSI office hours & office location

Each GSI will distribute a section syllabus

About the Readings
Reader Contents (pdf file with active web links)
You need the proxy server to follow some links

For each article, you should complete a reading guide:
Blank Reading Guide (pdf file)
Blank Reading Guide (doc file)
About the Non-exam Assignments
Grading Rubric for Response Papers

About the Term Paper
Grading Rubric for the Term Paper

Problem Set #1 (due Thurs Feb 14 in lecture)
Problem Set #1 Suggested Solutions
Problem Set #2 (due Tues March 12 in lecture)
Problem Set #2 Suggested Solutions
About Research
Librarianís page with LOTS of economic history links:

Librarianís second page with even more links for economic history:

U.S. Census, Historical Statistics: Colonial Times to 1970:

Carter et al, Historical Statistics of the United States: Millennial Edition Online:
All announcements are made by e-mail.
Emails from Prof. Olney are archived at bspace.

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